Greener Valhalla

We believe in making a positive change to our environment, this is why we’ve created our ‘Greener Valhalla’ pledge - these are underpinned by our three pillars.

As a small company, we know we can’t move mountains sort of speak, but we can do small changes what matter. Keep reading to learn how we make the world a greener place 🍃.

Pillar One / Paperless: We’ve made the conscious effort to minimise our paper options this includes any invoices, bills, customer data and other paperwork. We are pleased to say that we are officially 97% paper free! 

Pillar Two / Plastic Free: We’ve done away with all of our plastic wrapping for our customers orders and have replaced this with reusable boxes, tins and pouches, any plastic that does remain we recycle this. This includes the packaging that you receive with your order in as well, all of our packaging contains no essential plastics and are eco friendly.

Pillar Three / Tree-rific!: To give something back to nature we’ve pledged to plant 2 trees every day for the foreseeable future, our trees will be planted where they are needed most such as Madagascar, Kenya, Brazil, Andes and the Amazon rainforest. 

Although these are small changes, we are always looking at more ways to help the wider planet. If you have any ideas, suggestions that we can continue on our ‘Greener Valhalla’ journey we’d love to hear from you!