Meet the Team

As a small company, it’s always good to see what keeps the cogs turning at Odin’s Cave, and of course our bundles of joy to keep up moral and smiles.

Understand what each of our team does, day in day out to provide you with a great customer service, and a proper Welsh, warm welcome.

Maz Is our head of fulfilment, stock and dispatches. She’s also the owner of Odin’s Cave! She loves the popular Viking Series, as well as the Witcher and GOT. She’s proud to hand write all of our packages thats sent out too.

Mike manages all of our social media, marketing and email campaigns, he also provides our truly Welsh customer service to our customers. He loves Norse history and his favourite symbol is the Valknut.

Edi is the master of picking and quality checks. If a product has defects due to storage it’s end of the line, he knows our stocking levels inside out! He also helps Mike on customer services to help answer a range of queries we receive. He loves everything todo with Thor.

Sam ensures that our website runs smoothly and irons out any bugs, errors and issues so you can purchase from our website with confidence. 

 And… let’s not forget our furry friends too ❤️ 🐾 

🐶 Suzie is the master of sleep, she loves nothing more than a long afternoon snooze with some special treats.

🐱Gizmo is our cheeky, office cat. He loves to play around and explore. When he’s all burnt out from running about our office, you'll usually find him asleep under the desk to recharge.

And that’s our happy little bunch of Viking fanatic's, who run, manage and update our Viking shop each and every day, why not say hello 👋