Our Story

As a small family run business, with a passion for true Nordic and Viking history and styles, we wanted to create something different, unique and modern, so we put pen to paper and Odin’s Cave was born!
Unlike other online Viking shops, we hold all of our stock directly, so we can send your order quickly. You’ll normally receive your order on average within 3 working days or less for our UK customers.

We wanted to add a modern day twist on the traditional Viking and Nordic fashions! (After all we’re trendsetters) That’s why we offer a great range of premium Nordic and Viking inspired Jewellery, Accessories and gifts for the modern aged viking lover. You can purchase our collections and items from our easy to use, secure online shop. We offer fast shipping on all orders, and free shipping when you spend £40 or more. 

We pride ourselves on our great customer service, products and offerings. Our editions are made with premium real leather, various metals and our items are presented in either pouches, tins or chest boxes which makes a perfect gift. Our premium Nordic wearables and jewellery makes a great gift for all. Our website is secure and fast so you can shop with confidence.

As an extended Viking family of artists, our collection of Norse clothing and fashion accessories will fuel your inner-Viking while preserving centuries-old traditions. (It goes beyond putting a symbol on a piece of metal).

As a modern, lifestyle brand, we fuse high-oquality, natural precious metals with old-fashioned hard work (and tireless craftsmanship) to deliver items that effortlessly reflect the raw Viking essence. Our collection is always evolving too so make you sure visit us again soon for more epic gifts.

We hope you enjoy our array of epic Viking inspired jewellery, accessories, bags and gifts as well as our unique website. If you need a hand with anything simply click on the contact us page.
Happy shopping - Odin’sCave.


While the Vikings were known for their bravery in battle, their courage went much deeper - defending their principles and values to the death on any pedestal.
Vikings are honorable from dawn until dusk, maintaining dignity no matter what. We respect ourselves and are unafraid to express our values.
Vikings never lie to others or themselves. We know what we stand for and why, living our deepest truths in all we do.
As Vikings, we are faithful to everyone in our lives - our family, our friends, and our own kindred spirits. We defend those we are loyal to no matter what.
When it comes to survival, Vikings depend on no-one but themselves. It is our duty to protect our family and friends, taking responsibility for everything we do.
We treat others the way we wish to be treated, with respect, fairness, dignity, and kindness.
Vikings know what it means to fight for what is right while staying true to who we are. While we’re not always given the most stable ground, it’s up to us to make the best of what we have.
Glory lies not in never falling, but in falling and rising again. Vikings never give up, even when the odds are stacked against us.