Shop safely

Shop Safely

With so many websites out there, how do you know which ones to trust, and which ones are being honest? To help raise awareness we’ve created a few handy top tips to avoid any shopping disappointment. 

As part of our 3P’s which you can read more about here we’re committed to being open and honest with our customers, we at Odin’s Cave take pride in our service offerings.

A big pointer to look out for is when websites offer you free worldwide delivery on every order. This wouldn’t be sustainable if the companies had the stock themselves, usually this tends to mean that the products your thinking of buying will be coming from an overseas supplier. 

At Odin’s Cave we do things differently and in our opinion better. All of the stock you see on our website is physical stock we hold in our UK warehouse ready to ship out to you once we’ve received your order. We don’t carry 1000s of the same items and hold smaller amounts of stock which we replenish and change. You may have noticed from our online customer reviews that we deliver our orders quickly and safely and all of our packaging is branded with our Odin’s Cave branding, and not written in a foreign language.

We tend to deliver your order on average within 1-3 working days to our UK customers, not weeks. However, for our overseas customers this can be slightly longer due to our stock being sent from our warehouse in the UK.  

We offer free shipping when you spend £40 or more, and only charge a small subsidised fee if you spend less than this amount.

Another important tip to look out for is the products themselves, if they are stock images or on white backgrounds usually this can indicate that the stock isn’t readily available from the website directly.

Again, you'll notice that all of our photos are real and not stock images. Our products listed on our Viking shop and website are available and ready to send out, and not sent from unknown suppliers. You may also notice that we don’t hold lots of stock of the same items, we keep this minimal and you may see that when you purchase an item it’s then out of stock (which means you’ve bagged our last item(s) yay!)

A final pointer is how can you contact the company your looking to potentially purchase from? If there’s no contact details this could raise an alarm.

We’ll never hide our contact information, and always make It easy and accessible to contact our team fast. We pride ourselves on our service and you can contact us a number of ways such as Live chat, email, tickets, WhatsApp, social media and post. You can learn more by visiting our contact us page. 

Happy shopping 🛒 

Maz - Founder of Odin’s Cave.