SESSRUMNIR: Unveiling the Mysteries of the Sacred Hall in Norse Mythology



In Norse mythology, Sessrúmnir is both the mansion of the goddess Freya located in Fólkvangr, a field where Freya receives half of those who die in battle and also the name of a ship. The manor and the ship are attested in the Edda of Snorri written in the XIII century by Snorri Sturluson.

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Freyja was originally a Vanir, that is why she received the warriors who fought to defend their property and their families in Sessrùmnir, unlike Odin who is an Aesir god and who received the warriors who died in battle in a more brutal way in Valhalla.


Sessrúmnir is distinctively referred to as a manor in chapter 24 of Gylfaginning in Snorri's Edda. Furthermore, Sessrúmnir is mentioned a second time in chapter 20 of the book Skáldskaparmál of Snorri's Edda. Finally, Sessrúmnir is mentioned a third and last time in the list of ship names in chapter.