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The Wunjo Rune

The Wunjo Rune

If Wunjo falls in the oracle you can be happy, because a peace rune is shown to you. In the Latin alphabet Wunjo corresponds to the letter W. The name was reconstructed from the Ur-Germanic and means "delight". 

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Wunjo stands for happiness and harmony, which she also announces. Thereby, changes also await the person seeking advice, but they usually tend to the positive. Wunjo also symbolizes restoration, however, and thus promises the clarification of matters that have been completely unclear up to now.

It stands for the tribal flag or the sexual union of lovers. A happy soul forms the foundation for friendship. Wunjo is also the rune of peace, symbolizing harmonious coexistence, as well as teamwork and comradeship... For the future, this means that all actions will have a good end.


The Wunjo rune symbolizes the tribal flag and stands for joy, harmonious cohesion and happiness. Traditionally, Wunjo is associated with the flag under which the gathering of all people of a tribe takes place. A sense of camaraderie, peace and union unites people and makes them live together without quarrels and disagreements.

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Even though the formation of tribes is no longer used in the form in today's Europe, the traditional symbolism of the rune can be transferred to the present. It shows the connection and the importance of the individual in the community - no matter whether in the family, in the social people or between the countries. People feel a sense of belonging and experience themselves as a unit.

In order to find joy and harmony in a community, the individual feeling of happiness is also important. This is not dependent on the environment or other people. It arises from the inner self and reflects the attitude towards life. The rune Wunjo supports the person seeking advice to find their own satisfaction and therefore also stands for the balance of each individual.

Wunjo means joy and harmony. Both arise from the acceptance of the own self, the given situation and the environment. The rune is the sign that you have arrived and accept everything as it is.

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You are on the way to appreciating yourself and recognizing your own abilities. When Wunjo appears, your current actions are just right and should be maintained. Inner contradictions and conflicts dissolve. Opposites come together and disputes dissolve. The energy harmonizes and allows harmony to emerge.

The balance that the rune Wunjo symbolizes also shows itself in a balanced way of life. You eat healthy and are mindful of your own body. This influences your thoughts and actions and leads to an improved state of mind. Body and mind are closely connected. Only when both sides receive appropriate care are you in harmony and can work together.

Happiness is closely related to the search and finding of a truth. Wunjo is also known as the rune of truth. If Wunjo falls in the oracle you may be in the process of rediscovering an old truth for yourself. Bring this more into your life and integrate it into any areas. You yourself and your environment will benefit from it.

The rune reminds us of ourselves. It leads back to our own roots and points to staying true to ourselves. An important point has been reached in life. You should keep the joy.

Negative thoughts and feelings are let go. You can accept what life offers and not be misled by anything. Wunjo indicates that the decisions you make are the right ones and everything will turn out well in the end. If you are still unsure about your decisions, the rune can help you to overcome your uncertainties.


In the upright position of the rune, success is indicated in all respects. Joy and happiness are part of life. A look at the runes with which Wunjo appears together gives more information. If Raidho or Ehwaz appear additionally, the runes indicate a pleasant journey. Ansuz on the other hand points to good news. If Wunjo appears together with runes related to love, then a time of emotional well-being awaits you.

In relationship issues, Wunjo can stand in for your partner. Joint activities leave a positive feeling and are crowned with success. Professionally, Wunjo means that you take pleasure in or through your work. Especially in creative professions the joy will be noticeable. If you approach life in a balanced and positive way, this attitude will automatically attract and bring happiness to you. Enjoy the time or use it to discover new things in a detached way.


If Wunjo is in the reversed position, the rune shows that you have not yet found the path to happiness or there are many conflicts in life. Possibly the time is characterized by depressive mood and discontent.

If Wunjo falls together with Raidho or Ehwaz, a journey is accompanied by complications and problems. In love issues, Wunjo indicates disappointment. The relationship with a beloved person can be broken. But also people who were never in a good position for you anyway could cause problems at the moment. Professionally, there are dissatisfactions. Either you criticize your job or you quarrel with your own way of working.

Overall, Wunjo in the inverted position warns against making significant decisions. Be careful with your actions and even in difficult times remember that the feeling of happiness comes only from your own self. Problematic times are not a state. They pass. This positive attitude helps to maintain well-being.


  • Alphabet: W
  • Element: Air
  • Symbol: Joy, gladness, hope,
  • Interpretation: Pleasure, comfort, harmony, prosperity, reward, success and fulfillment of desires.
  • Stone: Gold nugget, ruby, diamond
  • Tree: Ash, Linden
  • Flower: Larkspur
  • Medicinal herb: Flax, mullein
  • Animal: Swan
  • Color: Golden yellow
  • Body: Immune system
  • Scent: Olibanum
  • Tarot: The Power, The Fool
  • Astrology: Jupiter in Aries, Venus in Leo, Uranus, Leo

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