Viking Longships, Legendary World of Viking Longships

Viking Longships, Legendary World of Viking Longships

Viking ships have become an iconic symbol of the Viking Age, and with good reason. Although, you may know them as Long Ships Viking ships were incredibly advanced for their time, allowing Viking warriors to travel across Europe and even as far as North America. These ships were built with unique design features that allowed them to traverse oceans and rivers with ease.

The design of Viking ships was based on the longships of the Norse people. These ships were typically long and narrow with symmetrical ends. They had shallow drafts, which allowed them to navigate shallow waters, and could be rowed or sailed. They were also designed to be light and fast, allowing them to outrace enemy ships and make quick escapes. 

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The construction of Viking ships was also quite advanced. The ships were made of overlapping planks of wood, held together with iron nails. This technique was known as “clinker-built” and gave the ships added strength and durability. The planks were also curved inwards at the bow and stern, making the ships more aerodynamic and allowing them to cut through the waves with ease.

Viking ships were also equipped with a variety of features that made them formidable vessels. The ships had a single mast, which could be used for both sailing and rowing. They also had a raised platform at the stern, called a “steerboard”, which was used for steering the ship. Finally, the ships were equipped with a variety of weapons, such as bows and arrows, spears, and even catapults.

Viking ships were truly remarkable ships, and they allowed the Vikings to explore and conquer vast areas of Europe, as well as travel to North America. Although they were eventually replaced by more advanced ships, Viking ships remain a symbol of the Viking Age and a testament to the ingenuity and skill of the Norse people.

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