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Viking Necklace - Triskele (Horns of Odin)

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  • Depiction of the Horns of Odin symbol
  • Material: 316L Stainless Steel
  • Sizes: 85x45x7 mm
  • Chain Length: 60 cm
  • Weight: 15g
  • Fine Handmade Craftsmanship

The Triskele symbol, also known as the Horns of Odin, represents three drinking horns. Behind this symbol there is a story. Odin came to the giantess Gunnlöð to obtain the mead of poetry (skáldskaparmjöðr). He negotiated for three nights to get three sips of the mead. However, with his tricksy ways, Odin managed to drink the three horns containing the whole mead of poetry in one sip each, hence drinking the whole mead and fleeing away in the shape of an eagle. Nowadays, this symbol represents Odin and if you have it on your drinks for instance, it means you ask Odin to make your drink full of his knowledge, cleverness and quick tongue.

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Viking Necklace - Triskele (Horns of Odin)

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