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Odin’s Cave

Pagan Necklace - Knotted Tree of Life

Pagan Necklace - Knotted Tree of Life

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  • Knotwork Yggdrasil Tree Symbol
  • Material: 316L Stainless Steel
  • Diameter: 50 mm
  • Chain Length: 60 cm
  • Weight: 21g
  • Part of our pagan earth collection

Ignite your spiritual journey with the Yggdrasil Tree of Life Pagan Necklace! Feel the ethereal energy resonating with every beat of your heart as you wear this enchanting symbol of divine connection. Crafted with attention to detail, this necklace is a visual masterpiece that represents rebirth, growth, and harmony.

Experience the profound benefits of owning this sacred artifact - find inner peace, tap into your intuition, and cultivate a deep sense of purpose. Let the Tree of Life guide you through life's challenges, providing strength and stability.

Embrace the call to action and embark on a transformative path with the Yggdrasil Tree of Life Pagan Necklace today!

At the centre of the Northern Universe was Yggdrasil, the tree of life. The nine worlds of Norse mythology were nestled among the branches and roots of this everlasting tree, and Yggdrasil linked these worlds. Warden trees linked to Yggdrasil were kept as late as the 19th century in venerated areas of Scandinavia. Offerings were made to the trees, that were considered to be guardians and bringers of luck.

Crafted with the finest materials and imbued with the power of ancient symbols and motifs, our necklaces are the perfect way to express your connection to the earth and its energies. From the delicate intricacy of our Celtic knot designs to the bold strength of our Thor's hammer pendants, each piece is a work of art that will speak to your soul.

Whether you're seeking a subtle statement piece or a bold conversation starter, our Pagan necklaces are the perfect choice. Wear them with pride and let the world know who you are and what you stand for. Order yours today and let your inner light shine!

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